Strong leaders build strong culture. Where can you improve?

Your leaders shape your business. But even the best people have room to improve. The most effective route for professional growth? Executive coaching.

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Coaching guided by your company culture builds strong leaders

Best-in-class leadership coaches

Businesses choose Sama because our coaches are not only highly accredited, but also have extensive success records in their own careers. With over 10 years’ average industry experience, you’re leaders work with the right coach, at the appropriate level, wherever they are on their career journey.

Start developing the right leaders today

Strong leaders are made, not born. Sama coaches work with your people to encourage the behaviours and outcomes that are right for your business, so you can guarantee a strong culture and aligned teams.

Coaching guided by your company culture builds strong leaders 2
Augment training change habits

Embed training, change habits

Training is essential, but only 20% of classroom learning is retained after 30 days. If you already have management training, Sama professional coaching reinforces your message, empowering a positive culture, driving behavioural change, and creating lasting impact.

How it works

The right coach the best quality - strong leaders

Download the app

Invite your people to the platform, we take care of the rest. Tailored, unique programs designed to fit individuals. Sama coaching is unlimited, available at point of need, and with the freedom to work on what’s most impactful.

Connect with your coach and set goals

Using our AI matching, your team are matched with the perfect coach for their experience, role, and goals. Get started right away, with same day online booking.

Strong leaders start with tailored programs to drive performance
Measure impact and ROI

Measure impact and ROI

You have full control via the HR dashboard. Invite coachees, set goals, and monitor progress. With Sama’s unique data and insights, see how the power of coaching delivers ROI.


How can I ensure Sama coaches are a good fit for my business?

We work exclusively with highly accredited coaches, so you can always trust your people are in the best hands.

All coaches have:

  • Minimum accreditation credential equivalent to the ICF ACC
  • Ongoing professional development including training, mentoring, and supervision
  • Average 10 years experience as corporate coaching specialists
  • 10+ years of professional experience, including leadership roles

Our extensive vetting processes take all the guesswork away from your HR team; we do the hard work, so you can focus on your people. Sama coaches are uniquely positioned to understand your business, your challenges, and business context, adding immediate value to your team’s development. 

I’m not sure people will use it. How can I ensure they do?

Getting started with Sama is as easy as downloading an app and booking a session. Sama can support internal adoption with education and ‘why coaching’ sessions, designed to demonstrate the value to your people. Through our robust HR dashboard, you can monitor usage and understand any areas where adoption is low.

How do I measure success and ROI with Sama?

Proving ROI in HR is tricky, but with Sama you can directly attribute coaching goal attainment to high-performance. People with coaches are 51% more likely to hit targets, and companies who coach see a 19% lower undesirable employee churn rate. With Sama unique data and insights, see how the power of coaching delivers ROI. Find out more about the ROI of a coaching culture. 

How can I ensure my teams work on challenges that are relevant to the business?

Sama coaches are briefed on your business challenges, and work to align your people’s goals with what matters most to the business. Their extensive experience – both professional and coaching – means they truly understand your business challenges and how to drive high performance in your teams.

Will this create a lot of work for HR to implement and manage?

Absolutely not. In fact, if you’re already running coaching or mentoring schemes, this will significantly reduce your workload. Implementation is as simple as downloading an app. Our AI matching solves for the overwhelming task of sourcing, vetting, and chemistry matching coaches at scale. All you need to do is decide who you’re giving access to and invite them to the platform in one simple click.

Is this AI coaching with bots rather than humans?

No. Sama coaching creates real, human relationships designed to effect real change for both people and businesses. We do use AI to match coaches with coachees, as this gives the most accurate, unbiased results and better chemistry.

What languages and geographies do you offer coaching in?

We offer coaching globally, and with coaches covering all time zones and major languages.

Have specific language requirements? Get in touch to discuss, as our pool of outstanding coaches is always growing.

I closely oversee all coaching. What happens to my visibility?

We know how important full oversight of all HR and L&D initiatives is to you, which is why our HR dashboard gives you all the insights you need to quickly and easily stay on top of your coaching program. We work with you to brief the coaches on your company, values, and context. You get more insights via the app than when working with individual coaches, and it’s all in easily digestible charts you can share with ease. 

Who should I give access to Sama coaching?

Sama is designed to be accessible for everyone, from entry-level to executives. What is right for your business is subjective and based on your individual challenges. We work with you to define the populations who will most benefit from coaching, and how we can partner to generate the biggest impact.

Do you have diverse coaches with broad representation?

Absolutely; diversity and inclusion are core to our values as a business. Sama coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, meaning there is always a strong fit for every individual coachee. There is diversity in gender, ethnicity, geography, and experience, and all Sama coaches must successfully complete our Diversity and Inclusion training before being added to the platform. The matching process gives coachees ownership, allowing control over preferences such as coach gender.

How quickly can my team start coaching?

They can get started right way. It’s as simple as downloading the app, matching with their coach and booking their first session. They can even speak to their coach the very same day!

Ready to develop your leaders?