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Keep everyone engaged and pulling towards the same goals with hyper-tailored, ultra-convenient coaching that fits your business, and boosts individual performance.

Retaining talent in a candidates’ market is tough. Give your people the tools they need to stay engaged, and deliver the most for your business.

Online coaching gives your people everything they need to thrive with real-time access to experienced, credentialed coaches. Your team will achieve their goals quicker, develop a sense of wellbeing, and perform at a higher level.


A coaching culture reduces employee turnover by 19%


of people would stay longer in a role that invests in development


Engaged teams are 5x less likely to leave

Online coaching gives your teams a toolkit for success, wherever they are in their growth journey

  • Self-awareness
  • Goal setting & attainment
  • Feedback
  • Career paths & promotions
  • Leadership & teamwork
  • Diversity and representation
  • Purpose
  • Work/life balance

What’s the real cost of high employee churn?

Replacing a colleague costs around 6 – 9 months’ salary. More, if they’re doing more than their fair share of the workload. Find out exactly how much low retention is costing your business with our calculator.

Give people what they want: clear development plans and support achieving them through personalized online coaching.

Online coaching sessions, for everyone

Your goals are our priority

When you care about your teams' experience and wellbeing, investing in your people is an investment in your company’s success.

Your people's success matters. Sama gives everybody the right tools to increase their performance, achieve their goals, and unlock their potential. We provide the tools to create a truly inclusive culture.

  • 95% accuracy match between coach and individual
  • Coach approval: 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • From entry-level to C-Suite
  • On-demand coaching