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Develop outstanding leaders

Leadership coaching in a room of people

Great leaders don’t just happen.

Whether it’s succession planning or developing existing managers, nurturing leadership skills future-proofs your business.

Hyper-tailored leadership coaching empowers people to align business and personal goals. Anybody can be a leader – they don’t need direct reports. Nurturing skills like communication, delegation, and self-awareness is also key for individual contributors.

Sama disrupts old-fashioned, programmatic, prescriptive coaching with self-led, virtual access to hyper-personalised coaching. On demand, on your terms, whatever leadership means to you.

Online coaching develops robust leadership toolkits for consistent people management

  • Leadership style
  • Communication
  • Effective feedback
  • Succession planning
  • Self awareness
  • Teamwork
  • Delegation & people planning
  • Stakeholder management
  • Managing challenging behaviour
  • Work/life balance

Develop leaders who coach

‘Manager as a coach’ is a leadership style where managers have the skills and confidence to motivate and empower their people, creating enabled, loyal, and high-performing teams. With Sama, managers learn:

  • Coaching tools
  • Active listening skills & how to manage with empathy
  • Adopting desired behaviors
  • Team empowerment and development

Cultivate effective communicators

Strong communication is key to building relationships with your teams. This is especially true for first-time managers changing their role within a business. Sama helps your people communicate more effectively, with:

  • Active listening & nonverbal communication skills
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Manage difficult situations
  • Effective feedback skills that drive performance
  • Confidence to manage up

Focus on productivity and results

Great leaders align their teams with a common purpose, inspiring everyone to work towards company goals. With Sama coaching, your leaders:

  • Become evangelists
  • Building high-performing teams & successfully leverage team dynamics
  • Set meaningful goals that align with business objectives
  • Problem solve and make decisions, including effective delegation

Build inclusive teams

We know it’s hard to unlock the power of diversity. Having an inclusive culture is the only way to enable this organically. Diverse teams are integral to innovation, driving 19% higher revenue. Great leaders develop inclusive spaces that champion diversity of thought and foster a sense of belonging. 

Sama leadership coaching empowers your people to:

  • Challenge unconscious biases
  • Unlock the power of diversity
  • Develop safe, inclusive environments
  • Hold themselves, and others, accountable
Online coaching sessions, for everyone

Your goals are our priority

When you care about your teams' experience and wellbeing, investing in your people is an investment in your company’s success.

Your people's success matters. Sama gives everybody the right tools to increase their performance, achieve their goals, and unlock their potential. We provide the tools to create a truly inclusive culture.

  • 95% accuracy match between coach and individual
  • Coach approval: 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • From entry-level to C-Suite
  • On-demand coaching