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Unlocking an individual’s potential with hyper-tailored development

Discover how hyper-tailored strategies can revolutionize the way we think about professional growth. Delve into actionable strategies that democratize access to personalized development, ensuring every employee has the tools to succeed. 

Learn about the pivotal link between DEIB and tailored coaching, and how overcoming traditional barriers can lead to transformative results for individuals and organizations alike.

Join our live masterclass

Date: April 24th
Time: 5PM (GMT +1) / 12PM (EST)

Key takeaways

  • Uncover the impact of tailored coaching on inclusivity and performance.
  • Address challenges to broaden coaching access organization-wide.
  • Adapt coaching strategies for diverse teams and organizational needs.

Presenter bio

This masterclass will be hosted by:

caitlin foley circle
Caitlin Foley
Co-Founder & Head Coach at Sama

Join us to uncover the future of workplace development, where every voice is heard and each individual’s growth is supported.