Upcoming webinar: How to build an inclusive culture that drives business success

Sama invites you to:

How to build an inclusive culture that drives business success

Did you know diverse teams achieve 60% better results?

Inclusive workplaces drive higher employee retention, faster decision-making, and better team performance.

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Date: July 10th
Time: 4 PM (GMT +1) / 11 AM (EST)

Enhance engagement and retain talent | Female entrepreneurs smiling at the camera

You will learn:

  • Proven strategies to create a thriving, inclusive workplace.
  • The impact of tailored development on inclusivity
  • How to overcome traditional development barriers

The data



Decisions are made twice as fast in inclusive teams.
(Cloverpop, 2017)


Higher revenue

Diverse leadership teams drive 19% higher revenue due to innovation.
(BCG Global, 2018)


Better results

Diverse workplaces achieve 60% better results.
(Cloverpop, 2017)

Presenter bio

Caitlin was an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Advisor to Private Equity and Venture Capital firms in London, prior to cofounding Sama in 2020.  Her career includes roles as an HR professional in top global Private Equity and Management Consulting firms based in London, Boston and Chicago. Her area of expertise is Leadership Development.

As Head Coach at Sama, she is responsible for building the diverse group of highly qualified coaches on the Sama team.  She is also a coach on the platform, helping people enhance their leadership capabilities, communication style, and overall performance. She specialises in helping clients have critical conversations effectively.

This webinar will be hosted by:

caitlin foley circle
Caitlin Foley
Co-Founder & Head Coach at Sama

Join us to uncover the future of workplace development.