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Great people make great companies


My own professional champion. I feel 100% supported by my coach and can now see how I can work better and smarter.

I was able to develop the skills to excel in my role. My coach helped me realise what were my strengths and what I had to develop to meet my and the objectives of my team. I exceeded my objectives by 150%.

I thought about leaving my job. My coach helped me see how my values matched those of my organisation and how I could find fulfilment in my role.


Supporting every employee's needs can sometimes be a challenge: some know their strengths and areas of improvement, others have specific immediate challenges.

Sama brings an uber personalised, flexible and accessible solution for your team’s professional development.

Your team builds confidence, resilience, motivation, and aligns with your mission and values. Each team member gets their own professional coach that supports them and helps accelerate their career and your company’s growth.

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Only the best

The Sama AI-algorithm matches the best coach for your specific employee profile and need. Sama hand picks its coaches for their outstanding experience: vetted by tier 1 qualifications, 10+ years of professional experience and deeply rooted values of diversity and inclusion.

Holistic Approach

Sama has finally made professional development affordable. And to maximise its impact on the organisational health & growth: Sama encourages a non hierarchical approach that treats every employee equally, regardless of geographies or seniority, each employee can be supercharged.


Your team’s personal development and support is at their fingertips. Convenient and individualized.