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Coaching for all
made possible

Sama’s unique model makes high quality coaching accessible to all within your organisation.

  • Your employees can have access to highly skilled and experienced professional coaches for the price of a Latte per day.
  • No long hours of searching for the perfect fit. Our proprietary matching AI connects your employees to the best coach for them.
  • Seamless integration - we do all the hard work.
  • Track the impact of coaching on your team’s engagement.
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Sama makes the benefits of coaching available to all your employees

Traditionally, coaching has been made available to executives and managers. Let’s change this together!

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100% digital, conveniently built to fit with a busy work schedule. For less than a Latte per day!

Better coaching

Exceptional professional coaches available on demand to your employees to support them through their career journey.


Employees match with their own professional coach. They are empowered to work on what is important to them and to align with their organisation.