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Sama is right for you if you are looking to improve your level of contentment at work. Since work is where we spend most of our awake time, how we are at work impacts other areas of our life as well.

Sama believes that with the right tools and mindset, work should be fulfilling. This is what professional coaching is about.

Sama coaches are not here to mentor you or provide therapy. Instead, their coaching will empower you and give you the tools to achieve your goals. Your coach is there to guide you in finding the right answer within yourself, rather than giving you ready-made solutions.

Sama coaches can guide you in five areas to help you meet your professional development and life goals.

  • Performance

    Support your professional development by setting clear goals, and identifying processes and behaviours to attain them. Manage your stress. Unlock your personal potential.

  • Leadership

    Develop an effective leadership style. Utilise frameworks to finetune skills, manage challenges, build confidence, provide feedback and manage conflict.

  • Communication

    Communicate effectively and authentically in any circumstance with any audience.

  • Engagement

    Ensure you are aligned with your organisation’s mission and values to develop the right mindset to grow within the organisation. Find meaning in what you do.

  • Life Balance

    Align your thoughts and behaviours with friends, family and work, so you are fully present for each. Make choices with clarity and confidence.

We suggest you focus on one area at a time to achieve the best results. You can change your area of focus at any time. Once you feel you have met your goals in a specific area, we encourage you to select another area of development to work on with a coach.

If you are not sure which area is best for you, or do not see it on our list, please reach out and we can help guide you at support@sama.io.

Our coaches have been identified by Sama as having superior credentials from their coach training, accreditation and professional experience. Our coaches have gone through a thorough selection and vetting process led by Sama. All coaches can provide coaching in areas including performance, engagement, leadership, life balance, communication.

All Sama coaches go through a thorough interview and vetting process. As part of the interview process, each coach will have demonstrated their coaching skills through a live session with our screening team. We verify coaches’ accreditations and perform background and reference checks.

Teams love Sama

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Sama matched me with a coach who helped me see that I have exactly what I need to succeed in business (and life)!

— Elise Kayfetz, Toronto, Canada

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Each of our team members is getting precious help in their professional development and can build a program that suit their needs and ambitions.

— Nicolas, COO at CFTE

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The design of the Sama app allowed for the digital session to take place seamlessly!

— Vera, Partnership and Marketing Associate at CFTE