About Us

The team behind Sama has extensive experience in law, HR, coaching, technology, start-ups, marketplaces and as private equity and venture capital investors in global blue-chip organisations.

We’re passionate about helping employees to be empowered and engaged. All of us have enjoyed the benefits of truly great coaching. It continues to empower us on our mission to elevate engagement to make the world a better place.

Coaching creates a safe space to expand perspectives and provides tools to succeed, which has a positive impact on diversity and inclusion.

Our team comes from the following organisations

In just a couple of sessions, I quickly saw the value that my coach provided me. With her help, I outlined an action plan to reach my short-term goals, whereas before I was uncertain on how to move forward.

The design of the Sama app allowed for the digital session to take place seamlessly! It was as if we were sitting in the same room, but better thanks to all the helpful features Sama offers.

Vera, Partnership Associate – CFTE

In these challenging times, SAMA is a no-brainer for CFTE: each of our team member is getting precious help in their professional development and can build a program that suit their needs and ambitions.

The impact on teams’ dynamics and employees’ engagement is obvious.

Nicolas, COO – CFTE

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